Oct 20, 2014

Korea Trip: Blog

Have been updating you guys regularly with my daily doings, and thought I should also share something that I've worked on hardly over the holidays. 

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Apart from personal blogging space, I also needed to blog another time for school assignment (e-portfolio to be exact). It's a website I've specially designed and spent so much effort on - just for an assignment on my Korea Trip! Not that I'm boasting about my work, but I take pride in work I love doing just because I love what I do! Thus, I've decided to let y'all to take a peek too :) Really loved the layout of the blog (and I'm also trying to work on my personal blog's too!)

Hope to update more soon,

Oct 19, 2014

Jimmy Monkey

I'm pretty much in love with eyeliner these days, and I'm determined to draw well! Give me time to practice please? But I still think I drew it well here in this photo!

Thanks to Cafefest, I had 2 sets of vouchers, $20 each for the cafe of my choice. I chose Jimmy Monkey and Bloomsbury Bakers, and thought I'd go to Jimmy Monkey first since Shan is nearby that day and I find it easier to get there too.

Directions: Take train to Buona Vista, head towards the exit with Bus Stop 3. Cross the traffic light (you should've walk past NTU Alumni Club) and past the One-North Park. Turn left and keep walking straight till you're at the residential building! That's the One-North Gateway and you'll find Jimmy Monkey at the 2nd stretch of shops, at the very end.

The cafe was very quiet when we got there. Only 1 group of people, along with about 2 individual customers. Seats might be a little limited but that's only because the cafe isn't big to begin with. We both loved the interior design, which gave off the rundown vibe with its red bricks wall. 

Smoked salmon spaghetti aglio olio ($20)

Grilled Salmon ($22)

I found the menu rather limited in choices, and they weren't really price-worthy. There's this Brioche French Toast selling at $17 and you need to top up $3 for a scoop of ice-cream. I wouldn't pay $20 for such mainstream dish! It also seems like the cakes weren't on sale? I could see some cakes being cling-wrapped and only muffins were on display. 

I'd be back again, but only for the alcoholic shakes that seemed to be slightly more worth it as compared to any other things on the menu. It's also a nice place for a casual catch-up sesh with a couple of friends! 

I didn't want to go home early, and neither was there much to do at Star Vista apart from Blogshopping. Both of us grabbed Gongcha to chill out along the stairs and chatted awhile more till we parted!

P.S Thanks Shan for listening to me and spending time with me ^_^ See you when I see you in school!