Aug 28, 2014

Review: Sony Xperia Z2

I've been using Sony Xperia Z2 for quite some time, maybe a couple of months. Sony might be a long-forgotten brand among many, despite making its comeback with different series of Xperia, partly because the top 2 brands now are Samsung and iPhone.

Samsung and iPhone might have really sharp and clear image quality, as they always emphasize on how fast you can capture your image in just a 'click'. Camera functions now get so modern that you can simply make a fist, wave, and get your picture taken within 3 seconds after doing those hand actions.

However, I still trust Sony so much after so many years, because of its ultra fine quality in both its camera AND music. In the past, I owned so many phones, all of which are Sony (in between there were a few nokia E series but none lasted on me and I did not rave on their quality, fyi). I've seen how their phones just remained this good quality and I loved how they took into consideration of consumers' usage. Lock button (located on the right side bar) is made such that it can withstand the countless times of pressing!

Xperia Z2, however, is more known for its waterproof ability. Submerge your phone into a 1.5m deep water, and your phone can still function. I did not try out this because I'm really afraid my water level is deeper than 1.5m and what if it crashes on me! Maybe I'll try it when it's about to fail on me :P

Moving on to its image quality -- I've been using VSCO and really liked how it fits into 1:1 aspect ratio so that I would not have to crop my image and resulted in enlarged, ugly photo for my Instagram. It produces good images like:

However, I've decided to try out Xperia Z2's in-built camera function, which surprised me a lot! I attempted several shots on my dog because he moves a lot and it's quite hard to capture certain cute shots using other camera apps, and it all turned out so well!

You can see how crisp and clear the photos were, very defined. Every fold of my baby boy's skin is shown (hahah) and how every single fine fur of his appeared in the photo. I even managed to catch him licking himself without any blurry areas shown!

Then, I decided to video him down. If one day he's gone, I can still see him moving in the video and not just still images of him.

I kid you not, these photos are actually scenes from the video clip I've recorded! The video is pretty long, so I'm quite lazy to upload it here. Instead, I screenshot some parts where I think he looked particularly handsome!

(((proof of my screenshots from the video)))

 As if things weren't good enough, I took it outdoors. It was just us two at home, and poor baby boy did not get to go out for a walk the previous day ever since my brother left for reservist. I brought him out, and decided to take a few photos that were initially planned to be uploaded onto Instagram.

He was totally walking at that time when I took this photo. I took it too quickly so it focused only on my hand. But as you can see, the camera could quickly snap a shot of him walking and still did not show any blurry signs of his movement!

Had a good time using my phone's in-built camera, creating more memories for my baby boy and I :)

P.S: This is not a sponsored post (though I'm very much willing to be sponsored by Sony (laughs!))



Saturday back to dental appointment and got my rubber changed! My boy came afterwards and then we went to grab a bite before our movie "Lucy" started. My sister told me before that there's this cafe at the second level, just above the ticketing counter of Filmgarde (Bugis+ cinema). I'm really surprised bc it didn't dawn on me that the staircase just beside the entrance of the theater, is actually a usable staircase that will lead me to a cafe! 

Ms Velvety ($4) and Tiramisu ($6)

For a $4 red velvet cake, I thought it was not bad, just that the chocolate taste is much more stronger than others. My tiramisu was a good one! 

Items were all at nett prices so fear not, no GST and service charge! Also, there's free mineral water provided so just so grab a cup and refill them as much as you want. :) Small and cozy cafe -- a good place to chill out at while waiting for your movie to start :)

My virgin trip to Black Ball and I hate it a lot. It's not even worth the money, especially the ones you get to customise your own bowl of dessert. The taste is not even near to authentic Taiwan dessert (refer to my Instagram post on the S$2 dessert at Jiu Fen)! It got me pretty mad bc the boy paid $5.40 for something that wasn't even close to the photo shown and nothing special :(

Daiso shopping~ And went to get the caramel corn -- mine the mini and his the mega! 

Just so you know, this photo is a combination of 3 same photos! Just collage them in the vertical-column frame and join the photos as closely as possible. I managed to do a good job at first try! Now it's your turn to try it :) #funphotography 

For those who were concerned about us, thank you for being my listening ears and we're working towards a more stabilised relationship. Thank you :)


Gastric Pain

Went to find my boy for dinner, and it turned out pretty badly. Why?

For the past few days I've been dealing with gastric pain. I thought I'd never have gastric pain, until that one day when I felt that choking feeling on my throat as well as the area right below my rib. I found it hard to breathe, and my mom suggested I go see the doct to find out what went wrong.

What the doctor told me: Too much gas in the tummy thus the bloating and choking sensation. Air replaced the food that should've been in my tummy. Now, the air is rejecting any kind of food I put into my mouth, so it stops me from having any appetite. It'll require a long time to get this problem totally solved.

While it seems that I've been eating quite a lot, I did not have proper meals, and I did not eat my meals regularly. Generally, a human being should eat 3 main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). However, it is more advisable to have 5-6 small meals in a day. Smaller meals with intervals apparently helped your digestive system to better break down the food, and thus helping you achieve a better digestive system. 

"Eat more fruits and vegetables" and "Drink more water" are the two sentences we hear everywhere and everytime. It's OBVIOUSLY TRUE and something many of us neglect just because we're too busy and stressed up that only comfort food can help relieve stress and fruits and vegetables just don't do the job. However, try to include them whenever you can, because small amount of fruits and veggies are better than consuming nothing at all. 

Things I've learnt from my gastric pain:
1. Avoid caffeine (tea and coffee)
2. Avoid acidic food (fruits)
3. Avoid sweets (chocolates especially)
4. Avoid fried food
5. Avoid sour and spicy stuff (kimchi ramen and bibimbap were my greatest killer)

Final solution: GO PLAIN. Porridge is your best pal.

It seems like there were many things to avoid, but nothing of such sort would've happened if I've taken care of my body better. At times I still feel bloated and choking (FYI, I've a weak digestive system right from the start), so I'll try my very best to eat well. I'm so done and over with those days where I fed myself 4 types of medicines and that pain which didn't even allow me to stand properly.

To the girls out there: don't try to stay slim by not eating anything or eating less. More is less -- Eat more, less pain. Staying healthy is your best policy.