Jul 29, 2014


Because of you, I get to live in a blissful world. Thank you :)

(ALL) Photographs: credits to my love! 

Jul 28, 2014

1-Year-Old love!

Never in my life have I ever receive any sort of flowers. Yes, there was once I've gotten a box of 99 paper roses. But nothing will ever beat getting a bouquet of 24 real roses coming from the man I love the most. This has got to be my wildest dream of all, to receive them in the public and on a special occasion meant for only the two of us. I'm definitely blessed to have you! Despite telling you a thousand times not to splurge on such fanciful gifts, I still thank you for the generosity and making me looked like the most fortunate girl on earth. ღ

While most girls would hold the bouquet of flowers everywhere they go to show what blissful state they're in, I thought it'd be better for me to stay humble and bring this back home first before heading out again. Also, I think it's better to let it rest on my bed before its innocent life ends in my hands!

After switching buses here and there, we finally reached MBS - the place where we first met. For some of you who've no idea how we got to know each other... Yes I took the first move to text him after meeting him at IT Fair @ MBS in last year March. Things happened and here we are together! :)

What shitty weather ahahah but MBS was freaking cold too, even though there was quite a crowd. Seeing that there wasn't anything nice to eat and also the queues were long at every dining place, I suggested going to Millenia Walk since there are quite a number of affordable and delicious food.

I honestly thought MEDZ was really atas. But it's just like Buffet Town or Sakura, just that you settle down and tick what you want to eat on the order list, and they'll serve it to you instead. They've different country food such as Moroccan, Asian and Spanish. Items were pretty cheap, to be honest, and I was quite taken aback by that.

(Spanish) Chicken Paella ($16.90)

(Moroccan?) Lamb Kefta Wrap ($16.90)

Churros with Chocolate Dip ($3.90)
Churros sticks were too thin that it didn't feel like Churros. B felt that it's more like Bread Sticks... Whoops. No wonder the price. Not very worth it.

Red Velvet Cake ($4.90)
Cake was surprisingly harder than many others. Also, they added in a layer of chocolate, which I thought shouldn't be the case. While having a twist of your own red velvet cake, one should not use a real layer of chocolate to substitute the red-colored chocolate cake. All in all, I felt that it just demolishes the meaning of a Red Velvet Cake. Its cream cheese were also pretty hard instead of the creamy ones I used to have at other places. 

We walked back to Singapore Flyer and while we were there, a group of 3 China tourists were just near us. What they said actually pissed B and I off "I didn't know Singapore's sea is this dirty!"
OH MY. You know you've 2 choices? 
Just shut the fuck up if you're here to insult my country. No one was even complaining about the sea but there you are, taking photos and repeating how dirty the sea is. Why not go back to improve on the living conditions and stop killing dogs for dog meat? I think innocent lives are much more important than the appearance of a SEA.

We just somehow managed to kill time walking about the area before deciding on watching Hercules. It was a very good movie and I didn't get enough of it! A must-watch movie for this month :)

At night, we dropped by my favourite place - Esplanade's Waterfront Bay. I love how every night during the weekends they'll have good performances. If Singapore has got space for growth in Arts industry, many of our locals might be shining out there right now!

Happy 1st anniversary to both of us! Our family and friends couldn't believe that we've been together for 1 year already, and I couldn't believe it too! It feels like we've just been together for half a year or something.. Anyway, I'm grateful for all the things you've done for me and ... more shall be said in the gift that'll come to you soon!

I love you! (n_n)