Sep 1, 2014

Sunday Folks x Craft

My weekends were pretty insane, working the entire day on Saturday, then on Sunday I worked till 7PM. Work was the reason why I met up with my man on Sunday instead, and we both had a short and sweet time together at Holland Village! 

You might want to consider dining at Chip Bee Gardens for a chic, romantic dinner. It's just a long stretch of shops facing a condominium, and it's really a chic place to dine in at! We headed down to Sunday Folks -- just keep walking up the stretch of shops and you'll be able to find a sign hanging above on their wall!

At Sunday Folks, you can expect crowd at almost any point of time. We were lucky enough to have a table for 2 just beside the glass window! The place isn't very spacious, so don't go there with numerous shopping bags, unless you're seated on the sofa seats or the round tables! 

Everything is pretty much DIY -- settling down, getting your own free flow of ice water, ordering at the counter. The staff are very friendly and there's this homely-feeling I got while being served! 
(There's this lady that missed our number tag so she went around searching for us. When she finally saw our number tag after turning back, she's still all smiles instead of sulking or showing any signs of frustrations that we usually get elsewhere!)

We were told that the waffles will take 10-15mins to be ready, we had ours served in a short amount of time! Just keep thinking about how nice your plate would look like later, and very shortly it'll appear in front of you.

With the generous portion of Soft Serve with a stack of Belgian Waffles at only $11.80. Any additional toppings would be at $1.50 each, and $3.80 for each additional soft serve. They offer a good number of choices for coffee (which I did not manage to try out!) Some might find their soft serve flavors limited in choice, but I think that special flavors need not have a wide range of it. Just a few will do, lest you spent too much time choosing on the flavors!

The strongly-recommended/highly-raved flavor was Earl Grey Lavender, but sadly I wasn't a fan of Earl Grey Tea despite the tea's fragrance. B was very generous, and thus decided to swap his Summer Berries with me just so I could enjoy my waffles! (One of the many reasons why I always fall for my man)

I'd definitely be back again! In actual fact, I've already told my sister that I'd bring her here after our lunch at Hatched next next week, so please look forward to another delish food post by me! 

My gastric acted up right after we left the shop, so after some grocery shopping for B's campus life, we headed to Craft Bakery for a quick bite to calm my gastric. 

Honestly speaking, I wouldn't pick Craft Bakery for their all-day-breakfast items. I had the Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs Sandwich which costed me $13.50 (excluding GST & Service Charge). Thought that it isn't really worth it, but I still enjoyed the food I'm served and finished them up. 

Speaking of service, I've always thought the staff there aren't quite friendly. I don't feel welcomed when I first stepped in, as no one greeted us, as if our presence did not matter (when we're the ones who gave them the business). Iced water wasn't served right after we settled down, only after I mentioned to B that I wanted the water too. I remembered coming here before to buy a slice of birthday cake for my brother. The cake toppled and smudged a little. The guy did not bother changing it for me or making any sort of adjustments, but simply handed it to me! How upset was I. Hardly did I see any smiles coming from the staff either.

I had to admit this cuppa Baileys Latte was good, just that the Baileys shot might be a little too strong that it did not compliment the latte that much. The Good Old Fashion Lemon Cake was just average on the whole. B did not like it as he found it bitter, but I think the lemon taste can be even stronger!

Couple-faced us goofing on the bus! Had a great time with ma boy for our Sundate! ♡

13th ღ

For our 13th months together, we went to dine in at Lai Lai Casual Dining @ Jurong Point since it's nearer to B's campus and also, both of us have been wanting to give this a try.

I had the Japanese Curry Rice with Chicken Cutlet and I'm sad to say that half the plate was filled with the fried skin of the chicken :( But, huge portion and for $8.50, maybe it's acceptable? At least I know for sure that I wouldn't pay $7.70 for a bowl of Braised Minced Pork Rice (without egg!)

Also, one of the staff actually delivered the wrong order to us, and all she said was "Oh sorry our colleague sent the wrong food item to you" and stopped there. So are we expected to pay, since we ate it halfway already? B just said to add the item into our bill. But I felt that it was super unfair and ridic to want us to pay for a wrong item! What is this?!?! I told B to demand for a refund as we're not gonna pay for something we did not order. Good enough, another staff said we could actually rejected it and not add them into the bill. It was about $7 off the bill!!


Back at my home after dinner, and we spent some couple time together with my baby boy in the room! :)

Always loved to be in your arms, lying on your shoulders, and being by your side. 

Aug 28, 2014

Review: Sony Xperia Z2

I've been using Sony Xperia Z2 for quite some time, maybe a couple of months. Sony might be a long-forgotten brand among many, despite making its comeback with different series of Xperia, partly because the top 2 brands now are Samsung and iPhone.

Samsung and iPhone might have really sharp and clear image quality, as they always emphasize on how fast you can capture your image in just a 'click'. Camera functions now get so modern that you can simply make a fist, wave, and get your picture taken within 3 seconds after doing those hand actions.

However, I still trust Sony so much after so many years, because of its ultra fine quality in both its camera AND music. In the past, I owned so many phones, all of which are Sony (in between there were a few nokia E series but none lasted on me and I did not rave on their quality, fyi). I've seen how their phones just remained this good quality and I loved how they took into consideration of consumers' usage. Lock button (located on the right side bar) is made such that it can withstand the countless times of pressing!

Xperia Z2, however, is more known for its waterproof ability. Submerge your phone into a 1.5m deep water, and your phone can still function. I did not try out this because I'm really afraid my water level is deeper than 1.5m and what if it crashes on me! Maybe I'll try it when it's about to fail on me :P

Moving on to its image quality -- I've been using VSCO and really liked how it fits into 1:1 aspect ratio so that I would not have to crop my image and resulted in enlarged, ugly photo for my Instagram. It produces good images like:

However, I've decided to try out Xperia Z2's in-built camera function, which surprised me a lot! I attempted several shots on my dog because he moves a lot and it's quite hard to capture certain cute shots using other camera apps, and it all turned out so well!

You can see how crisp and clear the photos were, very defined. Every fold of my baby boy's skin is shown (hahah) and how every single fine fur of his appeared in the photo. I even managed to catch him licking himself without any blurry areas shown!

Then, I decided to video him down. If one day he's gone, I can still see him moving in the video and not just still images of him.

I kid you not, these photos are actually scenes from the video clip I've recorded! The video is pretty long, so I'm quite lazy to upload it here. Instead, I screenshot some parts where I think he looked particularly handsome!

(((proof of my screenshots from the video)))

 As if things weren't good enough, I took it outdoors. It was just us two at home, and poor baby boy did not get to go out for a walk the previous day ever since my brother left for reservist. I brought him out, and decided to take a few photos that were initially planned to be uploaded onto Instagram.

He was totally walking at that time when I took this photo. I took it too quickly so it focused only on my hand. But as you can see, the camera could quickly snap a shot of him walking and still did not show any blurry signs of his movement!

Had a good time using my phone's in-built camera, creating more memories for my baby boy and I :)

P.S: This is not a sponsored post (though I'm very much willing to be sponsored by Sony (laughs!))