Jul 24, 2014


Throwback to yesterday - Jojo Lee's birthday! 3 cheers for her being legal! That would also make me the youngest and 'illegal' girl among my clique nyehehe 3 cheers for me too! The few of us spent our time together with the birthday girl for a short and sweet birthday celebration, after our presentation in the morning. So far everything has been going well when it comes to academic matters. A few presentations were down, and some of our modules were cleared for the semester!!

Pictures speak a thousand words. Shall let them do the talking for me now :)

| Salmon Brioche Benedict, accompanied by Iced Mocha Latte |

A very simple cake for our birthday girl - Black Forest Cake. Thanks to W for getting the cake on behalf of the rest of the planners! 

Some of the photos with effects in it, are taken by my phone using this app "AR Effect". I'm not too sure if it's available for download on other phones because it has already been pre-downloaded in my phone when I started using it! 

Headed back home and came back to school again for my Dining Etiquette assignment and I'd like to say 'Thank You!' to my wonderful group mates for contributing a good fair share of effort to make everything possible! That grade wouldn't be achieved if it wasn't because of each and every one of you :)


Babydoll Friday

One of the Fridays where I ended school early then proceed to work in the evening till night. Always having a good time as long as I'm with these bunch of people especially ma two girls J and YL!